Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Other Artists - Emma Weisman

Emma Weisman!

Emma Weisman

Do you know Emma? I do. I went to school way back when in high school days. We had art classes together and we would leave notes and drawings in each others pull-out drawers, not pull-up drawers. Each student had a drawer to keep their work in. Anyway.

I ran into Emma a million years ago at ArtBeat or something and it was really exciting. We never talk but I know she's around (and probably taking great care of Somerville since I left) and still being awesome. I saw one of her recent finished pieces fly past on Facebook and I was floored.

Look at what Emma's been up to!

Emma Weisman

Holy cow! She's so good. You know how I feel about little tiny lines and apparently, she's become a master. Or maybe she always was! I have no recollection as to what we were working on in high school art class.

 Emma Weisman

I love this raccoon so much. It reminds me of Lillian Hoban's Frances in the best ways possible. (Also, why are there no good links for Lillian Hoban's illustration?)  The tiny almost-not-there little grasses against the side of the building are so beautiful.

Emma's blog and website are awesome. I love seeing process work almost as much as the finished products.

 Emma Weisman

 I can hardly deal with this illustration:
 Emma Weisman
Been there.

She's also doing great monsters [teaching us how to brush teeth], fantastic black and white work - [that typewriter!] and custom ABCs! - but I feel like those deserve their own posts all together. I love her variety and array of styles.

Sort of side note... Consistency and an recognizable signature "look" are things I struggle with. We were told so many times in art college to FOCUS and pick out a style for ourselves - but I like drawing all kinds of things in all kinds of ways... So when I see other illustrators doing this - working in their own hand but with an assortment of styles or looks, it delights me. I love variety, I love work with different moods. I'm so happy to see Emma working on so many different things but in a way that is 100% HER.
Emma J, you are one of my most favorite people ever. Keep up the good work!

Emma has a website and a blog and an Etsy shop!

(all images copyright Emma Weisman - stolen from her blog without permission. Thanks Emma!)

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