Thursday, September 13, 2012

September September

Oh September2012. We are a busy one, aren't we?

I took last week off from the old day job to paint (and I acknowledge and appreciate how lucky I am to be able to do so, thank you office work for PTO). Here's how it went...

Tuesday we drove to NH (by way of Salem and the Peabody Essex Museum) to pick up plants from my dad and to have dinner with my mom and stepdad (and see their new in-progress home).

Waiting for Ansel Adams at PEM

Wednesday - Friday were spent, as I've mentioned before, hunched over the dining room table painting.

Painting painting

Also, framing.

Painting painting

Saturday evening was the Dream Team show opening!
The Washington Street Art Center was the show-place for our happy little group exhibit. Megan Mary Creamer, Alex Feinstein, Lauren Leone and I have our work up through the end of the month.

Alex Feinstein

Megan Mary Creamer

Lauren Leone

Sarah Coyne

This is the show I've been drawing all of the medicinal botanicals for. I picked three helpful plants and painted them full, painted/inked portraits of some details, displayed a specimen of the plant and, on tiny shelves (made by Megan!), had samples of the finished product. My dad preserved two of the plants for me and gave me samples of the finished medicines he makes from them (St. John's Wort oil and Boneset tincture). I harvested the Rose Hips myself and found some Rose Hip tea to show.

Sarah Coyne

It was incredibly satisfying to hang the show and see my vision come together just as I had hoped. Usually what I have in mind for a body of work changes over time and the end result, although good, isn't exactly in-line with my original idea - BUT this time it looked in the real world just as I had seen it in my head. I am very happy with this little collection.
It was great planning and plotting with Lauren, Alex and Megan and I'm super honored they asked me to be a part of this show! (more photos here)

Sunday was an art-free day. Curtis and I did the Jimmy Fund Walk with Jen and Amy (and a few thousand other people). It's a long day of walking/strolling/trudging and it's so rewarding. We had perfect overcast breezy weather and we all made it through in good shape. Jimmy Fund Walk 2012

Monday I slept and watched tv with my feet up. The cats appreciated that and kept me good company. Tuesday, my last official day of vacation was punctuated with a delicious lunch out with Curtis at Trident on Newbury Street.

Trident Cafe

And that's the story of my Art-Cation. I have one more full weekend before Open Studios and should finish lots of new things before the big event. I've been planning a new display and my 2013 calendar is THIS CLOSE to being fully realized.
I'm so excited!


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  1. so awesome, the show space looks amazing! and how amazing harvesting your own rose hip. i was actually thinking of making a rose hip soap... you could be the harvester =)

    looks like you had a great art-cation im jealous..

    my vacation went something like this .. stress..banging head on computer..stress..banding head on getting smashed into. the end.