Sunday, December 9, 2012

Quiet in the City


A few days ago I was walking home from the post office and realized it was completely quiet. Quiet in the city is such a rare occurrence that I never even really think about the fact that day in and day out I'm surrounded by noise. But that day as I rounded a corner, almost home, I realized I heard no cars, no voices, no birds even. I stopped and listened. The almost-unnoticable white noise of the city was still there I'm sure, but for just a moment it was unimaginably quiet! (There was no way to capture that silence so I took the photo above.)

I often think about how many many many people live in Boston, even on just the block and street that I live on. So many people living so close together. And almost everyone is living in harmony, following the general rules of society that ask us to be good neighbors.

There have been a lot of scary and sad stories in our city lately and it helps to stop and remember now and then that even though the news tells us all the bad, most people are good and living together peacefully.


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  1. Sarah, thank you for this quiet moment and reflection. I was just going through my receipts, when I saw one from Gather Here with your business's name on it. When I dropped by your website and saw the beautiful singular watercolor (?) of a sprouting plant I was just like: mmm! Good to meet you in your corner of the web. xoPhoebe,