Friday, March 22, 2013

In Rotation

This morning while I was looking for some logo sketches I had started for a friend, I made a startling discovery...

I am currently, actively working in SIX sketchbooks.

My current in-rotation sketchbooks

They all have different uses. And this pile explains beautifully why every time I move or clean I have to agonize over a huge stack of half-filled, oddly-sized books. If I could stick to one size/shape/paper type, things might be a little more uniform and I would have a nice encyclopedia-like shelf to show for my planning and pre-painting work. But oh well, my sketchbook life mirrors my finished artwork life - all over the place.

In other news... Yesterday at Brookline Booksmith I almost ran out of the store with a beautiful rainbow pen bucket under each arm.
Pen Rainbow
Staedtler sure knows how to make my heart beat a little faster.
Maybe I'll have to go back and get one of each to go with all those damn sketchbooks.


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  1. LOVE this post. LOVE that book diagram. LOVE those pens. LOVEE YOUUUU. <3