Sunday, March 17, 2013

Some more plant love...

Today I took a break from doing my taxes (blech) to start seeds for the garden and while I was at it I gave the houseplants some attention - rinsed off the layer of cat hair and dust and pruned some dead leaves. I took a photo of my favorite (don't tell the others), our big, leaning jade plant and marveled at its size. I dug through my flickr and found a photo of the same plant in the same pot from just under four years ago.

Quite the comparison!

Jade June 09 to March 13

I sure do love having plants in the house. I'm glad this one seems to be very happy.


I hope these little seeds feel at home too and grow up strong!
2013 seed starts

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  1. we just re-potted a bunch of our plants today. had to buy some new bigger pots because most of my plants outgrew their old homes. i can't believe i haven't killed anything! i was actually thinking that soon i need to put a post up showing how great everything is looking. plants in the house definitely make such a difference