Friday, April 5, 2013

Other Artists - Nathan Zeidman

Last night was First Thursday in our neighborhood - when the galleries all open new shows and everyone mills about and goes out to dinner and it's great.

We ate some Indian food and then stopped by Hallway Gallery and Room 68. And then on to Aviary. I had received the newsletter but couldn't remember what was opening this month. Holy cow.

I'm still a little breathless from seeing the current show at Aviary last night. 'Weather' by Nathan Zeidman. So beautiful. GO SEE.

Weather - new works by Nathan Zeidman.

I wasn't prepared. The show is breathtaking oil paintings of everyday spaces and familiar outdoor scenes. There aren't that many pieces but as a collection, it's perfect. A few smaller interiors and then the enormous outdoor scenes. But even the outdoor paintings are interiors - you can see into a bay window or almost see into warmly lit rooms as you view from outside on the darkened street.

Weather show paintings by Nathan Zeidman

They are spectacular. The artist actually took them off the stretchers to transport them to the gallery. He said it was time consuming but not scary - as I had assumed. (The only time I've ever taken a painting off its stretcher bars was when I was trying to hurry up and move out of an apartment and I'm sure the canvas is still rolled and cracked in storage somewhere. Shudder. Luckily it wasn't very good.) ANYWAY.

These paintings are so beautiful. As Curtis and I were talking to Lindsay about how excited she was to show his work and how huge he will undoubtedly be, my heart started to race a little. I find artistic talent thrilling. Is it possible to be proud of someone you don't even know? I wanted to say 'congratulations on being so amazing at painting that it makes me want to cry a little' but I stuck with 'thank you' and 'great show' etc.

Weather show paintings by Nathan Zeidman

I wish there was a way to put one of his paintings on our wedding registry. I don't know if we have a free wall big enough but I would make it work somehow. Maybe someday.

OH! And his pieces aren't painted from photos. He paints en plein air - on location. This is impressive with any large painting but extra impressive when they are huge NIGHT paintings.

Weather show paintings by Nathan Zeidman
(I wish these photos could do his work justice but no way.)

On the walk home I was all aflutter and Curtis and I talked about painting lights and darks and how utterly amazing it is that we know what we know about the world (visually) by the way light falls on things. Art is so exciting. Seeing the way others see the world is exciting. Weather is very good and if you are in Boston, please go see it.


Weather show paintings by Nathan Zeidman


  1. Oh my gosh! I saw his paintings and thought the exact same thing. I found your post because I was looking for more about the show. I kind of think he's going to be a big deal too.... definitely seems like he'd be worth the investment (especially for a wedding gift!)

  2. He's going to be great! I had him as an instructor for a few weeks at a class I took at his alma mater. He's moving on to some really big and cool things and I know he's going to be a big deal in the near future!
    Thanks for the great post and congrats on the wedding