Wednesday, June 4, 2014

spring is for making - part 1

Spring was barely upon us the last time I wrote about stuff and now it's in full swing! (The local news has even been calling the past week 'summer' but they're pushing it.)

I have been so lucky lately to work on some really incredible projects, I'm going to wait to show you photos of those... BUT I have some EVENTS coming up!

Thursday June 5th I will be at JP Knit and Stitch for First Thursday! I will have some paintings and new screen prints up displayed amongst their beautiful things in their beautiful shop. Please stop by and say hello!
Hey! Guess what! Some of my work is going to be at JP Knit & Stitch for first Thursday this month! Nature-y watercolors and some of my new screen prints! Come see!

Saturday June 7th and Sunday June 8th - Herbstalk!
I painted the poster for the event and have had the pleasure of working on some extra projects with two of the herbalists involved! I will be exhibiting prints, paintings, stationery and some other printed goods in the marketplace both days. It's free! There are also classes both days on herbal healing, urban gardening and that kind of great stuff.

HERBSTALK postcard

I will share some of my special projects after this weekend. But until then, here are some other things I've been working on!

New stationery and prints of my bouquet piece...
Things for @herbstalk are starting to arrive from the printer! Prints, notecards and plant collection sticky labels. I'm so excited.  #herbstalk #botanical #stationery

Some new garden-y screen prints that will be making their debut at first Thursday and Herbstalk...
I got so much done today!   New prints made! Old cards reprinted! Inventory inventoried! Emails sent! Now I get ! #takethatmonday #braggy

In other news, our neighborhood has been looking REALLY GOOD lately.
Happy June! #springtime

Spring turns my account into plantstagram, sorry! (Not sorry.)

Community Garden

I don't know if it's some kind of spring fever or what but I feel creative and productive and can't wait to tackle the next thing. Here in New England - as in a lot of other places - we had a loooong cold winter and I think I went into super hibernation mode, saving all my energy and making for right now! Fine by me. Off to do some more of it!


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