Thursday, June 19, 2014

Wildflower Revolution illustrations & a garden update


Recently I had the great pleasure of working with Jennie of Wildflower Revolution to make a logo and some illustrations for her herbal business.

First I worked with Jennie to create a simple logo that could be used on her Etsy banner and packaging.

FB banner with color rose large

Wildflower Revolution

Wildflower Revolution

Jennie makes tea blends and asked for an illustration that she will use on the tea cards and other printed things.

From Sketch to Watercolor to Digital Image to Printed Materials...
Wildflower Revolution

Wildflower Revolution

Wildflower Revolution

Wildflower Revolution

I also made her a REAL LIFE version of her banner to display at fairs and other events. Here it is in-use at Herbstalk!
Wildflower Revolution
The banner is cotton that I hemmed, screen printed (the rose) and hand painted (the pinks and text). It was a VERY special project.

It has been so nice working with Jennie and getting to draw all kinds of beautiful helpful plants. We are talking right now about some summer illustration projects and I can't wait to get started!

Aside from drawing plants, I've been tending to them too. Our community garden plot is VERY happy this year (and actually getting all of the attention it deserves after a lot of neglect in 2013 what with the wedding and being in Europe for almost a month!).

Community Garden June 2014

Currently photosynthesizing away in our garden we have a few varieties of squash, beets, 10+ tomato plants, lots of basil, calendula, sunflowers, sedum (a gift from a fellow gardener a few plots over), nasturtium, sweet peas and a few weeds. :)

Here's a look at our plot from the beginning of May to today!

That's it for now!

Community Garden May/June 2014

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