Friday, January 16, 2015

Posting to the Parks - Parcel Parts

My new obsession project, Post for the Parks, is now officially underway. I have mailed paintings to three National Parks - Yellowstone, Sequoia and Yosemite.

Mailing Parcel no. 1

Along with each painting are a few extra bits that make each package more substantial.

Parcel Parts Chart
(click to see full-size on flickr)

To make this seem a little more official and to add a bit of 'paperwork' for myself (since the National Parks Service is a U.S. government branch), I am mailing out each painting with a business card (with the tumblr URL on the back), a form letter (customized for each park), and a certificate that accompanies the painting. The painting and certificate are packaged in a cello bag (I was going to skip the bag but someone mentioned a cup of coffee + an original watercolor = recipe for disaster on someone's ranger station desk) which goes into the wax paper/glassine bag with the business card. Everything is then stuffed in a chipboard mailer, sprinkled with postage stamps, and off it goes!

Reverse Certificate

I'm enjoying the painting, documentation and the packing processes equally.

If you want to see more photos of my process, I started an album on Flickr and along with the main tumblr, I just started posting the finished pieces to a special instagram account as well.

Thanks for following along!

Stamps 2

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  1. have you received any responses yet? i'm so excited to hear about it if/when you do!

    1. Not "yet"! Because of the nature of the project I feel like I shouldn't want/expect any sort of response from the parks but secretly/not secretly I would LOVE to hear back from someone. And it would be a nice confirmation that the packages are reaching their destinations! [Nervous teeth-bearing emoji]