Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Some Press for Post for the Parks!


I am so so honored that the ladies behind Letter Writers Alliance have chosen to feature my project on their blog!

PftP on LWA

If you're into snail mail and aren't familiar with LWA, you're missing out! They host letter writing socials, sell stationery & letter writing supplies, and talk about mail related things on their blog. And you can become a LIFETIME LWA member or only 5 dollars!

I see this project as having two components - the painting but also the SENDING. Even though the research, sketching and painting are the more time-consuming aspects of PftP, sending the originals out in to the world to the very parks that inspired them is just as important. It's tremendously flattering to have this element of the project catch the eye of some real professionals!

You can read their post about Post for the Parks here!

So thank you Kathy and Donovan! Happy posting!


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  1. I found you through the Letter Writers Alliance blog. I'm so impressed by your project! What a fantastic idea. You obviously have the talent to execute it beautifully. I would love to see the rangers open your parcels. I'm sure they will be blown away by your creativity and attention to detail. Thank you so much for honoring the parks in this way and making the rangers feel special upon receiving your lovely parcel.