Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Hello, 2016

I'm in this weird place. The start of a new year is exciting and full of promise but it also makes me a little hesitant. I regularly struggle with wondering if I'm going in the right direction with what I'm working on and I have a hard time picking a priority in case it's not the perfect choice for that point in time. This post is a little brain-dump to hopefully clear out the weird start-of-a-new-year-trepidation fog.

Post for the Parks process pieces...

1.) Post for the Parks is COMPLETE!

2.) The Post for the Parks shop is under construction and should exist later this month! (Prints, pins, stickers and a poster featuring all 59 watercolors.)

3.) I need to catch up on my estimated quarterly taxes but I don't really know what I'm doing - or maybe I do. Who even knows? Probably the tax people, maybe they should just do it for me.

4.) I recently started going through my books and donating a lot of them to the library. Books that I have realized I will never finish or have finished ages ago but don't need to read again. It's helpful and makes space AND I love to think about others enjoying books that I enjoyed (or started to).

Shenandoah National Park - May 2015

5.) 2015 was pretty good to me. We had some nice adventures to Shenandoah, Acadia, Baltimore and New Hampshire. We went to see friends get married in Western Mass. and had a great road trip with other friends there and back.

6.) There are a lot of new projects I want to work on but I am sort of stalled trying to figure out which one to work on first. I'm in the middle of designing and painting my brother-in-law's wedding invitations so those are definitely first on the list and I hope that by finishing those I will magically be inspired to pick the next project.

7.) Etsy has been SLOW. The holiday season was just mediocre for me which is worrying but also slightly freeing?

Community Garden 2015

8.) I'm already looking forward to this year's garden season. I saw one of my garden buddies out in the real world recently (almost didn't recognize him bundled up in a coat) and I can't wait until my $30 is due and I can count myself in for another year.

ANYWAY. Everything is great, I just feel weird and a little overwhelmed by the promise of this fresh new year. As I'm typing this I am also realizing that I feel very strange without my Post for the Parks deadlines. They were really good for me and maybe even if it's not a whole project, I may need to set some other kind of scheduled goals.

I guess it's time to get to work!
Happy New Year. I think I'll try to post more. Maybe.

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