Monday, August 22, 2011

towards the end of august

Oh what a weekend!

I skipped my day job on Friday to head up to New Hampshire since my brother was visiting. Curtis and I took the train northward at about 9am, spent the morning/afternoon with my dad and my brother out in Barrington, then we kids headed over to my mom's/stepdad's for dinner and we were back on the train to Boston by 9pm. A whirlwind day of all of my family and it was wonderful.

Saturday we went out to breakfast, did some work around the house and then watched men jump off of the ICA.

(Do you see him there?!)
A cliff diving competition was using the ICA as their cliff for the East Coast stop on their tour. It was beautiful and strange and a little bit scary. I'm glad they were all professionals.

I spent most of Sunday adding some more work to my online portfolio and printing new onesie designs! Here's a sneak peek!

These will be making their debut online in the coming week and in-person at the Providence Art Fest on September 10th. (I will also be printing Brooklyn, San Francisco and Chicago this week!)

A couple more photos from my weekend...

Truck full of chairs.

Curtis's French toast from Sorella's.

Bossy studio assistant.'


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  1. haha, love the little baby shirts!

    i soooo wanted to see the cliff divers at ICA. it seems like it would've definitely been a little surreal.