Friday, September 9, 2011

Greedy greedy

These are some things I want. (I DO have a birthday coming up!)

1) Wacom Inkling.

Whaaaaaat!? I foresee this being super back-ordered for, like, ever.
I love my Wacom tablet but the texture is so different than paper. THIS would fix that. I would love to compare the two!

2) Hinge Clamps for screenprinting

Not too glamorous. I'll probably order them next week. I have some multi-color print plans in my brain that I'd like to try before the end of the year and my current eyeball-your-registration-and-waste-a-bunch-of-paper-and-cry technique isn't gonna cut it.

3) This Year of the Tiger print from Little Friends of Printmaking.

Precious. Perfect.

4) The Semikolon Creativo Large Organizer from Pierre Belvedere.

I wish there were real photos of this somewhere online. It has lined paper, a perpetual calendar and, if I remember correctly, some stickers! IDEA depository!

5) This enamel kettle (for the next time I go camping).

I don't drink coffee but I bet this would boil up some tea water real nice.


  1. ooh! when is your birthday?
    that kettle is ADORABLE.

  2. Hi Miss JaneBoston!
    November 11th! When's yours?
    Hope you are well!

  3. october 2nd! fall birthdays woooooo!