Friday, December 30, 2011

Hello New Year and Goodbye Old Year

Resolutions for Blog

So there they are. And now you've seen them - so I have to do them.
There are some other bigger things like GO ON A TRIP SOMEPLACE and BE GOOD TO MY GARDEN and GROW MY BUSINESS but I feel like those are givens. These are just some little reminders of important stuff that I already try to do but need a little push to remember now and then.

In the new year I'll be posting more art, sharing more photos, and I will get around to making a tutorial or two in case people want to do things the way I do, in a sort of haphazard, corner-cutty way. That's just how I work.

2011 was pretty amazing for me. I lived my first year with Curtis and thus got re-acquainted with Jamaica Plain. I did the most art business I've ever done and received some amazing press. I completed my second full 26 mile JimmyFund Walk. I went to Alaska and Storm King and Mass MoCA. I spent good times with my family. I spent great times with my friends. I completed my first year in the community garden. I drank a lot of tea and ate a lot of good breakfasts. I took a lot of lovely hand-holdy walks around JP with my love. I participated in a few art shows and a few craft fairs. I went to so many amazing concerts! I took a little intro botany class for fun. Enjoyed some exciting weather including a blizzard and a hurricane.

Pretty alright.

So! Have a safe and happy new years eve and I'll talk to you again in 2012!

All the very very best,

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