Thursday, December 29, 2011

So many good things.

Many holidays down, one to go.

Christmas was really nice. Everything was organized and laid back. We went to New Hampshire where we lazed about and I drank many many cups of tea. My brother Jack was there with his girlfriend Kristin. We had a big xmas eve afternoon brunch (I hope this becomes a new tradition!) and then went out to my dad's for a visit with him and my aunts/uncles.

(Cousins & Siblings!)

Sidenote: when we first arrived in NH we had pasta dinner and Jack's sweater magically matched the FiestaWare plate he used.

Christmas Miracle!

Christmas morning brought present exchange and driving back to MA to see Curtis's families.

After the festivities were over on Sunday, I was officially in post-holiday-recovery mode. I had Monday - Wednesday off to catch up on sleep and cat-patting and non-business-related errands.

We spend some quality time at City Feed.

I mailed some stuff.

I made myself big breakfasts and did some doodly watercolor painting just for me.

We went to Ryan's where she fed us amazing homemade pot pies and let us lounge on her giant couch.

It was a nice little mini vacation. So now two days of work and then BACK on vacation as we welcome in the new year! Next week is the beginning of my new 4-day-workweek. I can't wait. More about that later.

Happy Post Christmas!

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  1. I love all of this! Wonderful pictures!
    It was such a pleasure to have all my babies and their lovers here. xxxxooooo