Thursday, July 18, 2013

Works in progress and my first solo show!

Boy o boy is it hot today (and yesterday, and the day before yesterday). Our power went out for about an hour and it was strangely noticeably silent. Luckily painting is an electricity-free activity (at least during the day) so I kept working.

I have been holed up at home working on pieces for my very first solo art show! Lindsay from Aviary contacted me a little less than a month ago to ask if I wanted to show in September. Of course!

The timing is extra special because on the 8th we leave on our Euro Honeymoon and September is when JP Open Studios happens. I was a little sad to realize that because of our trip, I wouldn't be able to participate in JPOS...but only as sad as one can be when planning a European vacation. BUT with the invitation to show at Aviary, I will be represented on the big weekend even while I'm away!

I'm not ready to share any finished pieces but here are some little bits...

You guys! I'm working on pieces for my first SOLO SHOW! Opening Sept 5 at @aviarygallery!

The show will open September 5th (with an opening reception that evening) and will run through the end of the month.

My work surface right now...
Current work surface

And here are some tiny close-ups.

My current piece involves some very tall peaks - the Himalaya! I've been watching Michael Palin's travel series (highly recommended!) about this magical place as inspiration...

Okay, back to work!

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